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Wednesday, 2 September 2015
Launch of the NFEC Mass Fire Evacuation Drill 2015

The annual Mass Fire Evacuation Drill (MFED) 2015 campaign was launched at Galmon (S) Pte Ltd this afternoon. This event marks the start of the month-long campaign to promote fire safety and emergency preparedness in both commercial and industrial premises.


Emergency preparedness is a critical aspect for any company. Apart from injuries and property damage; fires in commercial and industrial premises can also lead to a disruption in business, a loss of livelihood and even a loss of reputation for the affected company.


The event is organised by the NFEC and supported by the Singapore Civil Defence Force. This year, more than 250 premises have registered for the MFED with an estimated 33,000 people expected to participate in the campaign.




“NFEC is delighted to partner with Galmon (S) Pte Ltd to launch the annual Mass Fire Evacuation Drill (MFED). The MFED is one of the key events in the NFEC calendar whereby key stakeholders get to learn and acquire knowledge and skills to respond to an emergency. We are confident of a healthy participation for this year’s MFED”




“Emergency management is a key component of Galmon’s safety framework. In an emergency, everyone from the Company Emergency Response Team, to the fire wardens, to the staff being evacuated, need to be familiar with their roles and work as a team to manage the crisis and look out for one another’s safety. Galmon is proud to partner NFEC to kick-start this year’s Mass Fire Evacuation Drill campaign. We hope more industry partners will join us to raise the preparedness of their employees so as to be better prepared to handle emergencies.”


About Galmon (S) Pte Ltd

Galmon is the pioneer of Mobile Elevating Work Platform use in Singapore. It recently opened Galmon Academy in May 2015, Singapore's first and only training centre dedicated to work-at-heights safety offering nine accredited courses which aim to improve safety awareness for both workers on the ground as well as site supervisors. For more information, visit


SCDF and Galmon's Company Emergency Response Team rescuing a casualty in the fire drill (1)


SCDF and Galmon's Company Emergency Response Team rescuing a casualty in the fire drill (2)


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