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Tuesday, 28 April 2015
Factory Fire at No.1, Joo Koon Crescent

SCDF was alerted to a fire at the above mentioned location at 6.40am.  7 Fire Engines, 3 Red Rhinos, 9 Support Vehicles, 1 Ambulance and 3 Unmanned Firefighting Machines were dispatched.


Upon SCDF’s arrival, the fire was well alight and involved contents such as paper products and automobile parts within two factory units measuring an area of about half a football field. The fire was brought under control by SCDF firefighters within 30 minutes using four water jets and three Unmanned Firefighting Machines.  The fire was extinguished at approximately 2pm. Damping down operations are still in progress.


One SCDF personnel suffered from heat exhaustion and was conveyed to National University Hospital. He has since been discharged and about 80 SCDF personnel are involve in the firefighting operation.

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