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The First Responders Safety & Performance Symposium (FRSPS) is envisioned to be a premier symposium which connects the global ecosystem enabling and enhancing First Responders all over the world to save lives and property. The event provides a regular recurring platform where leaders and key decision-makers of First Response agencies, academics from leading research institutions, elite international and non-governmental volunteer organisations, industry forerunners and technology luminaries congregate to exchange knowledge, research and innovation to enhance safety and performance outcomes for First Responders in the increasingly high-stress, complex and challenging operating environment. 


Broad Objectives and Aims of the FRSPS

The overarching objective of FRSPS is to steer & coordinate innovation, collaboration and capability development in areas of strategic and tactical interest to First Responders all around the world. Another aim is for FRSPS to be a focal point to cultivate ‘A Global Community of Lifesavers’ for the coordination of elite global First Response to complex situations requiring highly-specialised expertise. As the premier platform for knowledge exchange to establish standards and best practices in First Responder safety and performance, the FRSPS aims to play an active role in capability development of First Response agencies and individuals, as well as to articulate the emerging challenges and requirements of First Responders to co-develop research and innovation within the broader global ecosystem. A summary of the key aims of the FRSPS is seen below.



Connecting the global ecosystem of First Responders

  • Promoting “First Responders” as an expanded global ecosystem of professionals First Response practitioners, academia, and non-governmental and volunteer organisations, industry and technology developers and other key partners
  • Connecting members of the global ecosystem on a premier knowledge exchange platform to maximise collective capability to perform in increasingly complex and dangerous emergency situations
  • Facilitating deeper understanding of factors influencing safety and performance outcomes across geographies and operating environments


Collaborating to innovate for enhanced safety and performance outcomes

  • Translating world-leading scientific research and innovation into practical application that enhances safety and maximises performance outcomes of First Responders
  • Evolving operational practices to stay ahead of increasingly complex urban, industrial and natural (e.g. bush fires) operating environments
  • Developing and sharing capabilities across the First Response ecosystem to facilitate adoption and localisation of innovation in First Responder safety and performance


Coordinating knowledge and establishing standards and best practices

  • Consolidating knowledge created and exchanged across the global ecosystem of First Responders
  • Establishing relevant & scientifically validated best practices and measures in safety and performance for First Responders
  • Facilitating diffusion and adoption of higher safety and performance standards across regions to improve synergy and collective capability to respond to transboundary and international First Response operations

Brief Details of FRSPS 2019


General registration is now closed. For further enquiries, please contact


  • 20 November (Excursions & Visits)
  • 21 November (Symposium)

*Attendance in the pre-symposium excursion is optional



Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria

1 Expo Drive, S(486150)


Contact & Enquiries

This webpage will be updated with latest information on the FRSPS. For further clarifications, or if you wish to explore further collaboration for the FRSPS, please contact the event secretariat at the following e-mail: