• 995

    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance

  • Fire Hazard Reporting

    1800 280 0000

  • General Enquiries

    1800 286 5555

  • 995

    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance

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Effective Date: 01 Mar 2019

6.7.1 Equipment, fixtures and fittings

The following equipment/fixtures/fittings for the fire protection systems shall be painted in red. For those equipment/ fixtures/ fittings not listed below, the colour scheme shall be in accordance with that specified in the relevant Codes of Practice.

a. Fire sprinkler system

(1) Fire pump & control panel

(2) Breeching inlet (excluding breeching inlet cabinet/ enclosure)

(3) Sprinkler control valve

(4) Sprinkler water proofing system/ device

b. Electrical fire alarm system

(1) Main fire alarm panel/ cabinet

(2) Sub fire alarm panel/ cabinet

(3) Manual call point

(4) Visual alarm light housing (Note: fire alarm bell need not be in red)

c. Private fire hydrant

(1) Wet pillar hydrant (with yellow band in accordance with SS 575)

(2) Dry pillar hydrant (whole hydrant in yellow)

d. Wet/ dry rising mains

(1) Fire pump & control panel

(2) Breeching inlet (excluding breeching inlet cabinet/ enclosure)

(3) Dry riser breeching inlet in yellow

(4) Wet riser breeching inlet in red 

(5) Rising mains pipe

(6) Landing valve (except dry landing valve to be in yellow)

(7) Standby hose cabinet/ enclosure

e. Hose reel system

(1) Hose reel pump & control panel

(2) Hose reel drum (excluding cabinet/ enclosure)

f. Total flooding fire extinguishing system

Breathing apparatus cabinet/ enclosure

g. Emergency Voice Communication System

Handset/ cabinet/ enclosure

h. Fire extinguisher

Housing cabinet/enclosure

(Note: Alternatively, red graphic signage or red wordings “Fire Extinguisher” of minimum size 20mm shall be provided.)

Effective Date: 10 May 2019

6.7.2 Pipework, conduits, trunkings and cable trays

For fire protection systems pipework, conduits, trunkings and cable trays which are not required to be painted in red, red colour bands of width not less than 20mm and labelling shall be provided at an interval of not more than 6m apart.

6.7.3 Graphical symbols

Graphical symbols to depict fire safety equipment are allowed for use in buildings provided the signs comply with SS 508. Either graphic or text format can be used for the design of the signage.  The Table below shows the different sizes of the graphical symbol with respect to the viewing distance.

Updated 25 Aug 2023