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Fire Safety

Temporary Change of Use

Definition & Purpose

Under the Fire Safety Act, anyone who intends to temporarily change the use of an area within a building or an outdoor area for the purpose of holding an event where temporary / makeshift structures are erected is required to apply and obtain an approval from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). The reason for this is to look into the fire safety aspects as a result of the setting up of the temporary structures, to provide for the safety of the public who will attend such events. The aim is to ensure that there is adequate fire safety measures provided for the event.


Therefore, a “Temporary Change of Use” application or commonly known as a Temporary Permit application has to be made to SCDF for approval for events such as:

a. Promotional Activities

b. Stage Shows

c. Exhibitions

d. Trade Fairs

e. Carnivals


Where temporary structures such as those shown below or similar are erected:

a. Tents

b. Stages

c. Booths

d. Stalls / Kiosks


Changes & Updates

Type of Events


Application Procedures

Indoor Events

Outdoor Events

Temporary Multi-Storey and Enclosed Structures

Inflatable Tents or Structures

Events not requiring a "Temporary Change of Use" approval

Fire-Based Shows / Activities

Fireworks / Pyrotechnics Displays


List of Fire Safety Conditions

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Last updated on 7th Nov 2017