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Fire Safety

Fire Certificate- Application, Validity & Fee


Application for the Fire Certificate

The FC must be obtained within twelve months from the issue of either the Temporary Fire Permit (TFP) or the Fire Safety Certificate (FSC), whichever is first obtained.


For new FC applications, owners or occupiers are required to first complete and email the “Information on Fire Certificate” form to SCDF. Please click here to download the form.


For premises which are renewing their FC, applications shall be made at least two months before the expiry of the existing FC. To download the FC-01 to FC-03 forms, please click here (under Fire Certificate) to access the downloads page.


Click here to access our e-services portal to submit electronically.


Our e-services guide can be found here.


Validity of the Fire Certificate

The FC is valid for a period of 12 months, unless otherwise stated.


Fire Certificate Fee

Type of Premises

Fee per storey ($)





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Last updated on 8th Mar 2017