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Training and Initial Development

Training and Initial Development

You will need to complete the Section Commander (Paramedic) Course to become a qualified Paramedic. This programme takes almost 14 months to complete.


  • SAF Medical Training Institute (Level One and Level Two)
  • Fire Station Attachment ( OJT as Paramedic Trainees)
  • SCC (Paramedic) General Term
  • SCC (Paramedic) Specialist Term
  • Outward Bound Training ( Brunei/Sabah)
  • Home Team Basic Course (Home Team Academy)
  • Fire Station Attachment (OJT as Paramedic Trainees)
  • Obstetrics and Pediatrics Course (Nanyang Polytechnic)
  • Fire Station Attachment (OJT as Paramedic Trainees)
  • SAF Medical Training Institute (level Three)
  • SCC (Paramedic) Operations Term

Training Bond

You are required to sign a two-year training bond. Should you terminate your service during the Section Commander (Paramedic) Course programme or within the two year bond period, a liquidated damage based on your individual monthly salary is payable.


Initial Development Programme (IDP)


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