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Career Prospects

Career Prospects

After completing the Section Commander (Paramedic) Course, you will be posted to a fire station as a Paramedic. As you progress in your career, you can expect to take up higher appointments such as Chief Paramedic, Paramedic Instructor or Medical Training Coordinator.

Every staff in SCDF is encouraged to upgrade themselves academically. Training awards and study loans are available for promising Paramedics. Those who obtain an undergraduate degree and have the calibre to become an officer will be promoted to hold Senior Officer appointments.


(NEW) Home Affairs Learning & Growth (HALO) Programme

Diploma holders who join the Home Team may be considered for full sponsorship for an undergraduate course in any of the three local universities after a minimum of two years of service. To qualify, the specialist must demonstrate excellent performance and have the potential to take on a Senior Officer role.

Specialists selected for the HALO Programme will continue to draw their full salary throughout the course of their studies. Upon graduation, the specialist will be promoted to the position of Senior Officer and will be placed on the senior officer scheme of service. For more information on the HALO Programme, please refer to the tab on "Maximising your Potential".


Last updated on 23/12/2015