Singapore Civil Defence Force
Singapore Government


We are part of Singapore's Home Team. Our mission - to protect and save lives and property for a safe and secure Singapore. When you join us, you join the ranks of an elite team of professionals, entrusted to safeguard the stability of our nation. You make a difference in the lives of our citizens.


Fire and Rescue Specialist

When you become a Fire and Rescue Specialist (FRS), you are skilled in handling a range of firefighting and rescue equipment. You are also a highly motivated leader who is trained in incident management and fire investigation.


Direct-Entry Lieutenant

In crises, SCDF Officers are in command. Because the difference between life and death depends on them making the right decisions in split seconds. This critical role requires you to have a warm heart that burns with desire to help turn disasters around.



Paramedics are trained to provide first-class pre-hospital care. When others panic, you are calm and quick to make sense of your patient's needs. You are not frightened by blood or major injuries, you are the hope in times of distress and pain.

Last updated on 19/11/2017