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Sunday, 10 August 2014
Incident Involving a New Cable Car Line Undergoing Installation Works

At 1625 hrs, SCDF received a call informing that a cable car cabin undergoing installation works at a construction site had fell.  SCDF resources were dispatched and arrived at site within 6 minutes. 


There was no one on board the cabin that fell.  No one was injured as a result of the fallen cabin.   


There was a technical supervisor in another cabin which was unaffected.  SCDF DART rescuers were on standby at the incident site.  After a thorough assessment by the SCDF and on-site engineers, the unaffected cabin was moved safely to Imbiah station. A SCDF Paramedic assessed the technical supervisor and he did not require any medical assistance. 


The existing Singapore cable car line is unaffected and remains in operation.


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