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Wednesday, 11 June 2014
2nd update to Fire At Woodlands Crescent

A fire broke out in a HDB flat at Woodlands Crescent on 10 June 2014. Preliminary findings suggest that the fire is accidental and may have started from an electrical origin in the study room.


The number of electrical fires in residential premises in 2013 increased by 10 cases (5.2%) as compared to 2012. Majority of the electrical fires were usually caused by electrical appliances/machineries that short-circuited or sockets that were overloaded with electrical wirings and appliances.


Electrical fires in residential and commercial premises

Electrical fires

Jan - Dec 2012

Jan - Dec 2013

Absolute Change

% Change

Residential Premises





Commercial Premises







Electrical Fire Safety Advisory


Fire Safety Advisories to Prevent Electrical Fires:

a)   Never overload electrical outlets with electrical appliances;

b)   Always switch off appliances when they are not in use;

c)   Check the condition of wires regularly. Frayed wires or cracked cords should be replaced or repaired immediately;

d)   Do not run wires under carpets or mats and keep wires away from hot surfaces; and

Use electrical plugs which carry the SAFETY Mark.

“Fire of electrical origin continues to be one of the top fire causes in Singapore in both residential and commercial premises. The NFEC held its second Workshop On Prevention Of Electrical Fires recently in May which aims to prepare and equip participants with the knowledge and skills to handle emergencies on electrical fires. We will continue to work with SCDF to reach out and promote our message on fire safety and prevention.”


- Mr Alan Loh, Chairman, National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council


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