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Monday, 30 September 2013
Tower Crane Collapsed along No. 1 Supreme Court Lane

At 1133hrs, SCDF responded to a rescue incident at a construction site at the above mentioned location and dispatched the above mentioned resources.

Upon SCDF’s arrival, the incident involved a collapsed tower crane at the construction site.

There were a total of 4 casualties upon SCDF’s arrival. Two men were conveyed by SCDF ambulance to the Singapore General Hospital.  Two men were pronounced dead on arrival.  To our understanding, a man had also self-conveyed to the Raffles Hospital prior to SCDF’s arrival. 

Among the two men who were pronounced dead on arrival, one of them was trapped at a height of about 5-storey at a scaffolding near the collapsed tower crane. The body was hoisted down by SCDF firefighters and members of SCDF’s elite Disaster Assistance at 1.50pm using rescue ropes.   




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