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Wednesday, 23 October 2013
Road Traffic Incident at AYE

SCDF was alerted to a road traffic incident at the above mentioned location at about 8:50am. The above resources were dispatched.


The incident involved a taxi and a tipper truck. The tipper truck, which was carrying cement, was found lying on its right side, and on top of the taxi. An SCDF Fast Response Paramedic was first at the location, arriving within 5 minutes.


There were a total of 2 persons trapped in the taxi - the taxi driver and a rear passenger. 3 commercial lorry mounted cranes assisted in lifting the tipper truck off the taxi.


SCDF rescuers concurrently used shovels to remove the wet cement which covered most of the taxi and hydraulic rescue equipment to gain access to the casualties. SCDF’s DART rescuers had to do further fine cutting of the metal parts before reaching the casualties. The taxi driver was the first to be rescued, followed by the rear passenger. The rear passenger was severely pinned in the rear seat by the crushed roof. Both casualties were conscious during the rescue operation.


A medical team from NUH was also activated to the scene. The casualties were rescued within 2 hours.


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