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Tuesday, 6 August 2013
Lunar Seventh Month Fire Safety Advisory

In view of the Lunar Seventh Month, the SCDF would like to remind members of the public to exercise greater caution when conducting religious activities such as the burning of incense papers and joss sticks, which are expected to increase.


2.         Here are a few simple fire safety tips to help minimize potential hazards during this period:


Fire Safety Advisories:


a.    For public housing estates, always burn incense paper in the incense burners or metal containers provided by the Town Councils.  Private residential owners are also encouraged to use incense paper burners.


b.    The burners or containers should be placed on sturdy ground and at a safe distance away from combustible materials and locations such as the switch room or other residential premises.


c.    Check the area for smouldering incense or embers and make sure that the fires are completely put out before leaving.


d.    Avoid throwing lighted materials such as candles and matches onto grass patches and fields as these may inadvertently start a fire.





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