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Wednesday, 22 May 2013
Fire at No. 37, Tuas Basin Link

SCDF was alerted to a fire incident at no. 37, Tuas Basin Link. 4 Fire Engines, 2 Red Rhinos, 5 Supporting Vehicles, 1 Ambulance were sent to the location. 


Upon SCDF arrival, the fire was well alight and involved a production area of a factory measuring about 40m by 40m.  Contents of the fire involved products used in the manufacturing of printing ink. 


At the height of the operation, firefighters encircled the factory area with a total of 11 water jets, including an aerial platform which was used for aerial firefighting.  The fire was brought under control within one hour.  Firefighters are currently damping down the area with seven water jets.


There were no reported injuries at the time of this report.


About 50 SCDF personnel were involved in this firefighting operation.


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