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Wednesday, 4 July 2012
Road Traffic Accident along Tanah Merah Coast Road

At 0619hrs, SCDF received a call from a member of public informing that there has been a case of a road traffic accident involving 2 lorries along Tanah Merah Coast Road. Among the SCDF personnel who responded to this incident were 13 Operationally Ready National Servicemen* to assist SCDF rescuers and paramedics in attending to the casualties.


Upon SCDF arrival, there was a man trapped at the driver’s seat of one of the lorry. SCDF rescuers used hydraulic tools and rescued the trapped casualty within 20 minutes. SCDF personnel also attended to 25 other casualties at the accident site, one of whom was pronounced dead by SCDF paramedics at scene.


All 25 casualties were conveyed to Changi General Hospital via SCDF ambulances.


There were a total of 26 casualties. One was pronounced dead on arrival, 25 others were conveyed to CGH. (1 had fractured limbs, 24 had head and facial injuries)


*With effect from 2010, SCDF Operationally Ready NSmen are deployed to Fire Stations to be involved in peacetime operations where they will turn out together with the fire station personnel, including NSFs, for fire and rescue operations.


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