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Sunday, 6 May 2012
Reclaimed Land Northeast of Singapore Fire Incident

At 1406 hrs, SCDF was alerted to a fire at a reclaimed land northeast of Singapore. With the support of an SAF marine vessel, SCDF dispatched 1 Fire Engine, 1 Red Rhino, 1 Supporting Vehicle and 2 SCDF Marine Fire Vessels to the location.

SCDF is currently carrying out fire-fighting operations on the reclaimed land. About 10 fire-fighters are fighting the fire with 2 water jets. The fire, which was the size of a football field, has been reduced to small pockets of fire. The fire is confined within a sand bunk wall. The contents of the fire involve some construction-site machinery and equipment, and products believed to be used in land reclamation.

SCDF marine fire vessels (Api Api 1 and 2) are also at the location assisting with the fire-fighting operations by pumping sea water to assist the fire-fighters on the ground fight the fire.


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