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Thursday, 9 February 2012
Fire at No. 28 Riverside Road

SCDF was alerted to a case of fire at No. 28 Riverside Road at 1201hrs on 9 February 2012. 2 Fire Engines, 2 Red Rhinos, 5 Supporting Vehicles and 1 ambulance were immediately dispatched to the incident site.


Upon the arrival of SCDF resources, the fire was raging and thick black smoke could be seen. 


The fire was confined to the 4th storey of the four-storey building and involved spray paint products and timber.  The intense fire engulfed an area of approximately half a football field.  Donning breathing apparatus sets, SCDF firefighters brought the fire under control within one hour using 7 water jets. 


The occupants of the building self evacuated prior to the arrival of SCDF.


The cause of the fire is being investigated.  

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