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Thursday, 6 September 2012
Fire at No. 141, 143, 145, Kallang Way 1

SCDF was alerted to a case of fire at No. 141 Kallang Way 1 at 0229hrs early this morning. SCDF resources which included 4 Fire Engines, 3 Red Rhinos, 5 Supporting Vehicles and 1 ambulance were immediately dispatched to the incident site.


Upon arrival, the fire was raging and involved three factory cum office units (the office is on the second floor). These units were adjacent to each other and were of a two storey construction.


Fire fighters had to conduct forcible entry into the burning units. Donning breathing apparatus equipment, fire fighters contained the fire to the three factory units; fire was brought under control within 2 hours using 6 water jets. Contents of the fire involved:


Unit 141 – Reels and drums of industrial cables
Unit 143 – Industrial Cables
Unit 145 – Contents of a printing company


Concurrently, SCDF conducted search and rescue operations in the affected units to ensure that no one was trapped. The fire was extinguished within 4 hours of SCDF’s arrival.


As a precautionary measure, fire fighters had to also execute forcible entry into unit 147 and introduce water to cool the unit. Unit 147 is adjacent to unit 145.


The cause of the fire is being investigated.


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