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Friday, 10 August 2012
Fire at Block E3A, Engineering Drive 1, NUS Kent Ridge Campus (8 storey building)

Fire involved the contents of a research laboratory measuring about 10 metres by 5 metres, located at the ground floor of a 7-storey building. In addition, the vertical exterior ducting (measuring about 20 metres high) mounted on the side of the building which is also connected to a 15 metre long horizontal ducting on the roof of the building, was on fire.


A total of nine (9) jets (8 water and 1 foam) and 1 Fire Engine, 3 Red Rhinos, 5 Fire Bikes, 3 support vehicles, 2 ambulances were deployed to fight the fire.


Fire fighters had to penetrate deep into the heavily smoke-logged laboratory to locate the seat of fire. SCDF was also informed that there were chemicals stored in the laboratory; hence, the fire fighters had to proceed with great caution. Simultaneously, SCDF personnel conducted search of the building to ensure that no one was trapped.


Fire was extinguished at about 1910 hrs.


A total of 4 casualties were conveyed to the hospital by SCDF ambulances.


 1)     One Male Chinese, 51 years old (NUS Security guard) was conveyed to National University Hospital for smoke inhalation.


2)     Three fire fighters conveyed to National University Hospital for heat exhaustion.



The cause of fire is under investigation.


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