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Thursday, 7 April 2011
Water rescue incident at Singapore River near 80 Collyer Quay

At 2325hrs, SCDF received a call from a member of public informing that someone had jumped into the river near 80 Collyer Quay. 1 Fire Engine, 1 Red Rhino, 1 Ambulance , 2 Firebikes and 3 Support Appliances were dispatched and arrived at the incident site within 6mins.


Upon arrival, SCDF commenced search and rescue operations at the location where the subject was last seen.


Diving at a depth of 5 metres, DART rescuers retrieved a body of a male Caucasian in his 30s at around 0200hrs. The body of the subject was located about 2 metres away from the river bank. The subject was pronounced dead by SCDF paramedic at scene.


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