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Sunday, 7 August 2011
Sounding of Singapore Civil Defence Force Chime

As part of celebrations for the nation’s 46th birthday, Singaporeans across the island and overseas are encouraged to take part in the Pledge Moment on National Day in a reaffirmation of our commitment and sense of belonging to Singapore.


To mark the start of the Pledge Moment, the Singapore Civil Defence Force will sound a 20-second "chime" through the island-wide Public Warning System (PWS) at about 8.10pm on 9 Aug 2011. The chime over the PWS will not be activated at the Float and around the Marina Bay where National Day celebrations are taking
place “live”.


Organisers of the National Day Parade 2011 hope that, regardless of location,Singaporeans will recite the Pledge and sing the National Anthem as one people after the chime has been played.


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