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Tuesday, 8 March 2011
SCDF Operation Lionheart 55-Member Contingent Deployed to Christchurch, New Zealand : Update No 10

The remaining 30 members of the Operation Lionheart Contingent are currently assisting with recovery operations at Christchurch. They will operate until Sunday 13 March 2011.


Since 6 March 2011, the contingent has carried out recovery operations at 12 sites comprising deconstruction operations. Deconstruction operations involve the removal of debris from a building that has partially collapsed. Debris will be removed from the collapsed areas of the building with the aid of heavy plant (e.g. excavators, backhoes, etc). To facilitate deconstruction operations further, rescuers will also cut through concrete or reinforced metal bars of buildings.


Since 6 March 2011, 16 members of the Operation Lionheart Contingent have also been attached to the New Zealand Fire Service to assist with the assessment of building structures located at the outskirts of the city and to assure the residents on the structural stability of their premises.

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