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Thursday, 24 February 2011
SCDF Operation Lionheart 55-Member Contingent Deployed to Christchurch, New Zealand : Update No 3

Since their arrival in Christchurch at 1335 hrs yesterday (Singapore time), the SCDF Ops Lionheart contingent (first flight wave) has carried search and rescue operations at six different areas.


With the arrival second flight wave of the contingent this afternoon at 1420 hrs (Singapore time), the full strength of 55 SCDF officers have been deployed.  As of now, search and rescue operations are on-going and is expected to continue into the night.


Earlier today, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Mr John Key briefly spoke to LTC Ling Kok Yong, the Contingent Commander during his (PM NZ) visit to the Christchurch Art Gallery, which is now converted to a Crisis Management Centre. LTC Ling introduced himself as the Commander of Singapore’s Urban Search and Rescue Contingent. 


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