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Saturday, 12 March 2011
SCDF Operation Lionheart - Japan Earthquake : Update No 1

SCDF has deployed 5 search specialists and 5 search dogs to Japan to assist in the search operations following the 8.8 - magnitude earthquake that occurred on 11 Mar 2011. The SCDF officers are from the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) contingent codenamed Operation Lionheart.


Led by Search Platoon Commander, MAJ Tan Loo Ping, the 5-man team comprise experienced officers. Members of the team have all participated in past overseas search and rescue operations. MAJ Tan, including three of the officers, have just returned from Christchurch, New Zealand (NZ) on 6 March 2011 after participating there (NZ) in the search and rescue efforts.


The SCDF search team left via commercial flight (SQ 12) today at 10.44am. The team was sent off by the Senior Director of Emergency Services, Assistant Commissioner Eric Yap. Upon arrival in Japan, MAJ Tan will coordinate with the local authorities as to the areas to be deployed.

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