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Thursday, 12 May 2011
Incident at 3 Benoi Road

At 1323 hrs, SCDF Operations Centre received a call from a member of public informing of an incident at 3, Benoi Road. SCDF resources which included 2 Fire engines, 2 Fire Bikes and 1 Ambulance were immediately dispatched. They arrived within 8 minutes of the call.


Upon arrival, the crew found that the industrial incident involved a barge that was undergoing maintenance. SCDF found two male workers who had been injured in the incident; they were pronounced dead by SCDF Paramedics. There was no fire at the time of SCDF arrival. SCDF officers also conducted a search of the premises for anyone else who may have been injured or trapped. At the time of this report, SCDF did not convey any casualty to hospital as a result of this incident. Investigations into the cause of the incident are ongoing at this time.



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