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Monday, 17 January 2011
Height Rescue at No. 2 Battery Road

At 1603 hrs, SCDF received a call from a member of public informing that a gondola was stuck from height of the building at 2 Battery Road. SCDF resources which included 2 Fire Bikes, 1 Fire Engine, 1 Red Rhino, 1 Ambulance and 3 Support Appliances were dispatched and arrived at site within 7 minutes.


Upon arrival, the crew found that a gondola was hanging at an angle at the 16th floor of the building. Two Chinese men were in the gondola.


SCDF rescuers first secured the two subjects, as well as the gondola, with safety lines. The contractor, who maintains the gondola, was called in to assess if the gondola could be lowered safely to the ground. Upon confirmation that the fault could not be immediately rectified, 3 DART rescuers rappelled down from the 17th floor to the gondola. Both subjects were rescued by DART rescuers by rappelling them down to the 15th floor. The subjects were assessed by the paramedic at site and were not conveyed to hospital.


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