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Monday, 21 March 2011
Rescue involving seven persons from HDB unit

At 0802 hrs, SCDF received a call for assistance at Blk 706 Clementi West Street 2.


SCDF resources which included 2 Fire Engines, 2 Fire Bikes, 1 Red Rhino, 1 Ambulance and 2 Support Vehicles were immediately dispatched to the incident location.


Upon arrival, the crew set up a lifepak and rescue nets as a precautionary measure. SCDF rescued a total of seven persons (4 Malay [2 female; 2 male], 2 Bangladeshis and 1 Iranian) from three different bedrooms of the unit.


Amongst those rescued was a Malay boy about 3 years old, who was secured with a safety harness and was brought to safety by a DART rescuer who rappelled down with him. SCDF crew pitched ladders at the front and rear bedrooms and assisted the people to descend to safety.


No one was injured in this incident.


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