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Thursday, 7 July 2011
Chemical Spill at 28 Medical Drive, National University of Singapore

At 1515 hrs, SCDF was alerted to an incident involving a chemical spill in a cargo lift at National University of Singapore (NUS). Upon receiving the notification, 2 Fire Engines, 2 Ambulances and 3 Support Vehicles were dispatched.


Upon arrival, SCDF personnel donned protective gear and cleared the spillage using absorbents. The chemical spill, which is acidic in nature, was confined within the cargo lift.


As a precautionary measure, SCDF and the building’s Fire Safety Manager (FSM) also conducted evacuation of the whole building.


Two casualties (both males in their 30s) were conveyed to hospital via SCDF ambulances. They were both in the lift at the time of the incident. One of the casualties had burns to his hands and legs and was conveyed to SGH; the other casualty, who complained of skin irritation, was conveyed to NUH.


Cause of the spill is under investigation.


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