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Saturday, 10 September 2011
Fire incident involving an SCDF Ambulance at Blk 120 Geylang East Central

A SCDF ambulance caught fire while attending to a case at Blk 120, Geylang East Central. At the time of the fire, the said ambulance was stationary in the carpark. It had its beacon lights on. There was no one in the ambulance as the entire ambulance crew was with the patient, an elderly Chinese female, at the void deck, which was about 20 metres away.


1 Fire Engine, 2 Fire Bikes, 1 Red Rhino and 1 Ambulance were immediately dispatched and arrived at the location within 6 minutes. Another ambulance conveyed the patient to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The fire was put out within 5 minutes using 3 water jets. As a result of the fire, 7 nearby vehicles were affected.


The cause of fire is under investigation.


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