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Wednesday, 3 March 2010
Vegetation fire at Tampines Street 72

At 1734 hrs, SCDF received a call informing that a fire involving a large vegetation area had occurred at the open field at Tampines Street 72. SCDF resources which include 5 Fire engines, 2 red rhino, 3 support vehicles were dispatched. On arrival, the SCDF crew set up 4 water jets. Some 30 fire fighters are still currently battling the blaze. However, the fire is brought under control. No one was injured from the fire.


The present dry spell being experienced in Singapore has seen outbreaks of grass, lallang and vegetation fires. Between January and February 2010, the SCDF responded to 147 cases of such fires. However, the figures remain relatively low as compared to the peak period last year. In January 2009, there were 182 cases of vegetation fires and 159 fires in February 2009. There were 523 vegetation fires in the whole of 2009, an increase of 97 cases from the 426 fires in 2008.


The vegetation fires that took place this year were generally of small scale, should the dry conditions and high temperature continue, occurrences of such fires may increase. In view of this, the SCDF would like to appeal to the public to help minimise such fire occurrences by observing the following:


Do not throw lighted materials such as lighted cigarette butts and matches onto grass patches/fields and rubbish dumps;


Do not dispose of rubbish/discarded materials/items at grass areas/fields/gardens. Rubbish dumps provide sources of fuel to sustain fires;


Do not operate equipment that generate excessive sparks or heat in dry vegetation areas;


Home owners with grass compounds should keep grass trimmed and watered. Dead leaves should be properly disposed of.

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