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Saturday, 23 October 2010
Road Traffic Accident at Yishun Ave 2

At 1355hrs, SCDF was alerted to a traffic accident involving a lorry and a van at Yishun Ave 2. SCDF resources which included 1 Fire Engine, 1 Red Rhino, 2 Fire bikes, 1 Supporting Vehicle, 2 ambulances were dispatched to Yishun Ave 2 near Khatib MRT Station.


Upon arrival at the incident site within 3 minutes of call, SCDF Paramedics and firefighters immediately attended to 2 trapped male adults found in the vehicles (ie. 1 in the lorry and 1 in the van). 2 sets of hydraulic cutter and spreader equipment were used by SCDF to free the men from the vehicles’ driver’s seats simultaneously.


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