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Monday, 23 August 2010
Rescue involving person trapped in road traffic accident at junction of Tampines Ave 10 and Tampines Link

At 0709hrs, SCDF received a call for a road traffic accident involving a trash compactor vehicle at the junction of Tampines Ave 10 and Tampines Link.


SCDF resources which included 1 Fire Engine, 2 Fire Bikes, 1 Red Rhino, 1 Support Vehicle and 1 ambulance were immediately dispatched to the incident location. On arrival, the crew found that the driver of the vehicle, a male Chinese about 51 years old, was trapped in the driver seat with both legs underneath the dashboard. The vehicle was impacted against a tree. SCDF rescuers used hydraulic cutters and ram to release the driver.


The casualty was conveyed to Changi General Hospital. He was conscious and stable.

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