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Thursday, 7 January 2010
Black Mazda skidded and hit hydrant; female driver trapped

At 0112 hrs, SCDF Operations Centre received a call informing that a car had skidded and hit a hydrant at Holland Road (In the direction of Orchard Rd, before Botanic Garden) with a female driver trapped at the front seat. SCDF resources which included 2 Fire engine, 1 Ambulance, 2 support appliances were dispatched.


On arrival, the crew found the driver, a Chinese female, in her early 30s, trapped in her seat. The SCDF crew immediately extricated the driver with a hydraulic ram and cutter. NUH medical team was also at scene. The female casualty was conveyed to National University Hospital by an ambulance. She suffered cuts on her forehead and complained of pain at her right shoulder and leg.

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