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Tuesday, 28 September 2010
Alert on Unauthorized Business Activities

The SCDF has received a number of complaints in the past month about companies claiming to be endorsed by us to sell fire extinguishers and/or conduct fire safety talks to the public. In these instances, company personnel had shown the SCDF Emergency Handbook in the first instance to give the impression that they are representing the SCDF. Subsequently, they had used aggressive, 'hard-sell' techniques to get members of public to purchase their products, fire insurance or sign up for their fire safety talks and training seminars. The most recent cases were reported to have taken place in Aug 2010.


SCDF would like to inform members of the public that we have not authorized any company to conduct such activities. The public should note that knowledge on fire safety and community emergency preparedness programmes (CEPP) are provided free of charge at all SCDF Division Headquarters. For more details on CEPP, the public is advised to visit our website's CEPP page.


A list of companies certified by TUV SUD PSB for the servicing and maintenance of fire extinguishers is available on its website. Members of public may also peruse this list on the SCDF and NFEC websites.


It is also a standard procedure for all uniformed regular staff of SCDF to display their warrant card whilst on duty. In addition, Full-time National Servicemen are issued with the NS identity Card. Both these cards bear the name, NRIC number and photograph of the card holder. When approached by anyone claiming to be SCDF personnel on official duties or as an authorized representative, the public are advised to request for their warrant card, NS Identity Card or letter of authorization, as proof of authentication.


Members of public are advised to check with SCDF by calling the hotline (1800 286 5555) if they encounter suspicious person(s) claiming to be representing SCDF or conducting unauthorized activities on its behalf.


In addition, individuals who wish to file a complaint against such companies can call CASE’s hotline (61000315) for assistance. They can also file an online complaint via CASE’s website or walk in to CASE’s office at Ghim Moh.

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