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Kids Corner

Listed below are Fire Safety related games that you can play! Have lots of fun with these interactive and educational games.

Fire Away (Facebook Game)

Fire Away is a Facebook game which aims to entertain and educate students on fire prevention knowledge.


Check it out and have endless hours of fun! Do note that you will need to login with your Facebook account to play the game.


Safety Man

You are the Safety Man! Maneuver your way around 5 different rooms and identify the fire hazards in the house within a time limit.


Best of luck!


Ready Bag

Test your knowledge and pack a Ready Bag to get ready for an emergency!


Choose the essential and optional items and drag them into the Ready Bag.


It's Raining Men

Save the falling men by navigating your cursor left and right and find out more about the fire safety messages hidden in the process. It is fun and educational!


Colouring Activity

Create your masterpiece with this interactive colouring activity!


Start by choosing a picture and click Begin to enter your name.


Using the colouring tools, you can pick and choose our of 24 colours in the palette. Click on the area you want to colour and let the fun begin!


Number Jumbler

Click on one of the tiles next to the empty square. This is slide the tile towards the empty square.


Objective of the game is to arrange the tiles in numerical order with the empty square in the lower right corner.


You can then click on the Submit button to submit your scores or you can click on the Start button to start a new game.


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Last updated on 22nd Nov 2017