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Local Major Incidents

Ginza Plaza Incident


On 7 Aug 1992, SCDF Main Operation Centre received a call for "Explosion with persons injured" at Ginza Plaza Podium, a 3 storey shopping block with 1 basement. Immediately, 2 pumpers and an ambulance were despatched to the incident site. A fire-fighting and search and rescue operation was carried out.

Description of Operations

On 7 Aug 1992 at 2.13 pm, Main Operation Centre of SCDF received a call for "Explosion with persons injured" at Ginza Plaza. Two pumpers, PL24 and PL29, and an ambulance, Amb 4, were despatched to the location immediately. PL 24 arrived at the scene at 2.18 pm and found that a gas pipe above the ceiling at the basement was on fire. PL24 crew immediately connected up a water hose to prevent the fire spreading to the surrounding area. At the same time, the crew also tried to locate and shut off the gas supply using the ceiling hook. With the fire being extinguished and arrival of PL 29, a search and rescue operation was conducted at the basement sector 2. 3 dead bodies were found pinned under several concrete slabs. The spreader and breaking tools were used to extricate the bodies. As more casualties were found, another one pumper was activated for the search and rescue operation and Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART) was also activated to handle more difficult situation and in-depth search and rescue operation.


In total, 3 pumpers, 3 DART rescue tenders, 7 ambulances and 1 standby company, together with "D" Division Mobile Forward Command Post, responded to the incident. The operation was concluded on 8 Aug at 9.31 am. As a result of the explosion, there were 61 casualties and 3 persons were found dead.


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