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Local Major Incidents

Fire onboard Stolt Spur


The above fire happened on 12 July 1992. The fire occurred at the boiler room of the ship tanker "Stolt Spur". Investigation revealed that the cause of the fire was due to the flammable liquid / solvents coming into contact with the naked flame (hot work) at the boiler flat level of the ship. A total of 6 people died in this tragic fire, 60 others were injured and the estimated property loss was in the region of 4 million dollars.

Description of Operations

SCDF Main Operations Centre received a call on the tanker fire at the Republic Dock in Sembawang Shipyard at 11.12 am on 12 July 1992. Immediately, 2 Pumpers and a Breathing Apparatus Tender were despatched to the incident site. Upon arrival at the site at 11.14 am, the crew saw flames coming up from the chimney of the ship. A number of workers were reported to be trapped inside the boiler room. At that time, fire-fighting cum rescue operations by the Sembawang Shipyard firemen with 5 cooling jets were in progress.

The SCDF crew set up another 2 jets and brought them into the boiler room at the 1st poop deck level. Subsequently, reinforcement of 3 Pumpers, 5 Ambulances, Mobile Control Unit, ICCU, Rescue Tender, Standby Company and Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART) personnel were deployed to support the operations. Forward Logistics Support Area and First Aid Post were also set up at the Sembawang Shipyard. The fire was eventually put out within 30 minutes (i.e. from 11.14 am - 11.42 am) using a total of 7 jets.

Damping down operations (i.e. from 11.43 am - 2.40 pm) continued till 1440hrs after which all SCDF crew were withdrawn and all appliances were returned to their respective bases.


Throughout the operation, the fire was confined to 3 levels of the ship. The upper level exit No.1 door was badly burnt, the middle level metal structures buckled severely at the first poop deck and the lower level insulation materials at the new boiler was completely burnt.

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