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SCDF Marine Command HQ


About the logo:

CDMC’s insignia is represented by the sailfish and anchor. The sailfish is one of the fastest known water organisms in the world, while the anchor is a symbol of well grounded hope, and is often a seaman’s last resort in stormy weather to maintain stability on the rough sea. As the representative of the Life-Saving Force on the sea, the combination of the sailfish and anchor symbolizes CDMC’s inspiration to provide hope to distressed vessels at sea swiftly and effectively.


The SCDF logo in the middle of the insignia serves to show that CDMC is a unit under the command umbrella of SCDF. Being out at sea, the logo also serves to inform sea farers that bearers of this insignia belong to a Singapore government agency.

The CD logo on the top aligns CDMC with the aspirations of the larger Civil Defence international community as a profession.  It aims to realize SCDF's aspirations to achieve world class standards in providing fire fighting, rescue and emergency ambulance service.
The laurel represents the honour of service in the SCDF.

Division Commander:

AC Derek Tan

Stations under Command:

West Coast Marine Fire Station and Brani Marine Fire Station

SCDF took over the marine fire-fighting and rescue functions from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) in 2012.   A ceremony to mark the handing and taking over of the marine fire-fighting and rescue functions was held at the West Coast Pier at 10 am on Sunday, 1 April 2012.

Current Facts: The SCDF Marine Command (SCDFMC) Brani Base commenced operations on 4 June 2014. Located at 19 Brani Way, Brani Base is the Division HQ of the SCDFMC. Co-located with Brani Marine Fire Station, Brani Base complements West Coast Marine Fire Station to provide an enhanced marine fire emergency coverage within Singapore Waters.

West Coast Marine Fire Station

West Coast Marine FS

Operational Year:



MAJ Neo Jia Qi




1 Marine Firefighting Vessel


Western half of Singapore Territorial Water from west of Pulau Sebarok to Causeway Bridge.

Other Facts:

West Coast Marine Fire Station, or WCMFS for short, is the first operational Marine Fire Station under the command of CDMC. Starting its operations on 1st April 2012 at the former site of Maritime and Ports Authority of Singapore Emergency Response Base at 60 West Coast Ferry Road, WCMFS takes pride in providing swift and efficient response to emergency fire and rescue cases within Singapore waters

Brani Marine Fire Station

Brani Marine FS

Operational Year:



MAJ Leow Tian Soon




1 Marine Fire Vessel, 1 Marine Command Vessel


Eastern half of Singapore Territorial Water from East of Pulau Sebarok to Causeway Bridge

Other Facts:

Brani Marine Fire Station also provides water supply to landbase fire station personnel responding to fire incidents on offshore islands.

Fire Post:

Loyang Marine Fire Post


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Last updated on 25th Oct 2017