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01 Jan 2004The allowance rates for SCDF frontline personnel, such as, DART, Hazmat and Paramedic Specialists were revised upwards in recognition of the tougher requirements on SCDF's frontline personnel in the prevailing security climate.
05 Feb 2004An enhanced version of the e-CSR (electronic-Course & Seminar Registration) was implemented to accommodate a wider selection of course choices for members of the public. Offering greater convenience on the checking of course schedules and booking, the public can now apply online for the CEPP or for CD Volunteer courses.
Mar 2004The Mobile Fire Post (MFP) was concept was introduced to further enhance the SCDF's operational coverage and cut response times. Existing satellite Fire Posts (SFPs) are not viable in certain areas where there are no structures/buildings available to construct the SFPs due to changes in the traffic patterns, for eg, temporary closure of roads or diversion. The MFP, with typical Fire Post facilities fitted onto a vehicle, can be quickly and easily deployed for such situations, as well as for standby operations for major event or in areas where fire calls become increasingly frequent.
Mar 2004The Automated Recall Mobilisation System (ARMS) was commissioned. It has the ability to contact 1,000 NSmen and process 500 acknowledgements within 15 minutes.
12 Mar 2004At an award ceremony held at the Grand Hyatt, the SCDF received the CIO Award 2004 for her demonstration of sound business practices, particularly through FISOPS, the innovative implementation of e-government services to enhance fire safety and allow SCDF to perform its job better. The CIO 100 is an annual ranking of innovative Asian organisations that are driving new best practices and the Award recognises outstanding private or public enterprises/organisations in Asia that have added value and driven innovation through the strategic application of IT.
08 Apr 2004To keep up with changes in technology, SCDF deployed Autonomy's technology to power its IKNOW portal (Intranet). This enables SCDF personnel to have a single point of access to a vast quantity of updated information held throughout the organisation as well as enable automatic connection to relevant specialists in real- time, to ensure wise use of critical and relevant information. Such innovation is featured in an article on Yahoo's Business website.
14 May 2004Civil Defence educational material was made available in an animated version on the SCDF Internet website. Arranged in 7 broad categories, it covered the following - Fire Safety, First Aid, Emergency Ambulance Service, Man-made Emergencies, Natural Emergencies, Emergency Procedures and Protection - each further consists of related topics for easier navigation.
19 May 2004State Awards were given to the SCDF officers involved in the Nicoll Highway Operation. The heroic efforts shown by SCDF rescuers to retrieve the bodies trapped in the rubble was recognized by the government.
08 Jun 2004An on-line customer feedback management system, I-Feedback, has been developed to enhance the management, control and monitoring of public feedback received by SCDF.
09 Nov 2004SCDF Heritage Gallery welcomed its 100 000th visitor. He is Mr Peter Burgess, Director of Transnational Programs from Macquarie University , Sydney , Australia .
29 Dec 2004In the light of the earthquake (9.0 on the Richter Scale) and the resultant tsunamis, in several South Asian and Southeast Asian countries, the SCDF deployedtwo overseas contingents, one each to Aceh , Indonesia and Phuket , Thailand respectively, to assist in the search and rescue efforts in these tsunami-hit areas.

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Last updated on 20th Nov 2017