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08 Jan 2003The first phase done of the Crisis Information Management System (CIMS) was completed and the system was deployed in Ex Nucleus IV. As part of an effort to enhance operational effectiveness through Information Management, the system will manage the flow of information starting from the Divisions and the various staff cells to the highest decision making body at the Command Room.
14 Feb 2003In celebration of Total Defence Day, the SCDF along with the various other Home Front agencies supported the Ministry of Defence in five Total Defence Roadshows. The roadshows were be held over five consecutive weekends covering the five CDCs. They were launched by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, Dr Tony Tan, at the Toa Payoh HDB Hub on 14 Feb 2003 , and ended on 16 Mar 2003 . Each roadshow had sections emphasizing the five pillars of Total Defence.
01 Apr 2003The Hazmat Transportation Driver's Permit (HTDP) scheme was introduced to control the transportation of hazardous materials in Singapore . The permit will only be issued to the drivers after undergoing screening, as well as prerequisite training and a required test.
27 May 2003The SCDF introduced the CSSP GuideTool at the CDEC briefing conducted at HQ, SCDF. An in-house production developed from the collaboration between the SCDF and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, the software guides members of the community on how to craft proper CSSPs to resolve problems faced at the community level.
29 May 2003The SCDF Quality Service Handbook was officially launched in conjunction with the SCDF PS21 Day. The Handbook contains 16 Quality Service Indicators (QSIs), which serve as standards for our personnel as well as SCDF's service pledges to the public.
11 Jul 2003To raise funds for those affected by SARS, the SCDF organised the Musical Charity Drive held at the Auditorium of HQ, SCDF. Over 200 guests were treated to a masterpiece performance SCDF's very own Combo Band and guests performers. The proceeds of more than $38,000 went to the Courage Fund.
26 Jul 2003Exercise Community Spirit (ECS) 67, the first ECS to be based on the topics of unconventional threats and anti-terrorism topics, was successfully conducted by 4th CD Division at Jurong West.
24 Aug 2003The Home Fire Safety Visit Programme was launched. Under the programme, CD volunteers and CDEC members visited the homes of residents who registered themselves on a voluntary basis, and provide advice on fire safety tips using a checklist.
06 Sep 2003The In-Place Protection (IPP) procedure was officially launched to the public by Assoc Prof Ho Peng Kee, Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs, at the SCDF Community Bonding Day 2003 held at CDA on 6 & 7 Sep. New mobile IPP training simulators were also introduced to the public, to allow hands-on practice in carrying out the measure.
06 - 07 Sep 2003The SCDF Community Bonding Day was successfully held at CDA. Over 10,000 residents, led by the CDECs and members of other public institutions were treated to an awesome display of rescue operations, equipment as well as information on terrorism related topics at the academy during the two-day event.
20 Sep 2003The Emergency Preparedness (EP) Day, a scaled-down exercise of the ECS held monthly to reach out to the heartlanders and prepare them for unconventional threats, was launched by the four CD Divisions simultaneously at Queenstown, Kampong Chai Chee, Nee Soon South and Taman Jurong.
22 Sep 2003The Community Emergency Preparedness Programme (CEPP) was officially launched. Consisting of five modules, the programme aims to enhance community emergency preparedness in light of the new security environment through intensive public training.
06 Oct 2003Arising from feedback, the SCDF reviewed and adapted the Storey Shelter (SS) technical requirements to allow fire escape staircases to be doubled up as SS. The staircase SS offers another option, apart from the Household Shelters and normal Storey Shelters, for developers to provide for new private residential developments. The new provision introduces greater flexibility in the design and layout of dwelling units in Singapore.
01 Nov 2003The annual Fire Safety Campaign was officially launched at the [email protected] Running from 1 Nov to 9 Nov 2003 , the year's campaign comprised of multiple events, from Roving Exhibitions held at high-profile venues, to the deployment of 34 CD volunteers at 15 petrol kiosks to promote fire-safety awareness by distributing fire safety leaflets to the motorists.
04 - 06 Nov 2003The Civil Defence Academy hosts the United Nations Disaster Assessment & Coordination (UNDAC) Refresher Course for 32 of its representatives from 19 countries. The first such course to be held in Asia , it aimed to enhance the capacity of the UNDAC system in the Asia region in responding to sudden-onset natural disasters or complex civil emergencies.
Dec 2003SCDF's e-Services for NSmen were further enhanced through the introduction of Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) and Short Message Service (SMS) facilities for overseas travel notifications.

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