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20 Feb 2002The Commissioning Parade of the 27 th Basic Officer Cadet (BOC) was held at the training academy. Among the cohort of graduates, for the first time, were 2 senior-ranking officers from the Brunei Fire Services Department.
09 May 2002The SCDF Innoventureland was also officially opened by PS (HA) on his visit to the SCDF HQ Complex. The opening was marked by the symbolic tearing down of a 'brick wall' of barriers against innovation.
24 May 2002The Civil Defence Heritage Gallery participated in its first ever MuseumFest at Suntec Singapore . As a member of the National Heritage Board's Musuem Roundtable, the Gallery brought the rich history of Civil Defence in Singapore to the masses over the course of the festival.
01 Jun 2002The SCDF Internet website was completely revamped, redesigned from the ground-up with our customers in mind. The new site features a variety of useful information about the Force, including a CD Info Centre will have all news relating to SCDF including our latest statistics. An ever-growing list of services available on the new site include a full range of online and downloadable forms, application for CD Courses, requests for SCDF publications, and requests for visits to our various facilities.
09 Jul 2002The SCDF Career Resource Centre was officially launched. This online resource available through the Intranet provides all staff with information regarding the various people management systems in SCDF. It seeks to enhance awareness of the career opportunities in SCDF to the staff as well as communicate the Career Development Plan. The opening of this web-based centre marks a significant step towards a more open HR system in SCDF.
31 Jul 2002Mr Wong Kan Seng, Minister for Home Affairs, visited Sengkang Fire Station at the launching of the Immediate Response Company Standby. The Minister was given a briefing on the IRC enhanced capabilities in handling chemical threats, and also viewed the NSMen of the IRC putting up an impressive Hazmat mitigation display.
Aug 2002Launch of Fire Safety On-line Processing System (FISOPS). It supercedes the Home Affairs On-line Management System (HOLMS). All documents, including building plans, are loaded into the system and are retrievable on-line. Besides eliminating the need for microfilming and physical storage, it has addressed the problems of the time wasted in file movement as well as the possibility of lost files. The imaging system is also certified against the Evidence Act.
08 Sep 2002The CD Skills For Charity Flagship event was held at the Bishan Stadium. This marked the finale of the SCDF's year-long efforts towards the President's Challenge 2002. A cheque for over $1.14 million was presented to the President, His Excellency Mr SR Nathan, by Comr James Tan in an action-packed programme featuring a telematch amongst the highest contributing CDECs as well as a group of MediaCorp artistes.
15 Sep 2002Following the success of last year's Mystery PWS Signal Contest, a second contest was held this year in conjunction with our annual CD Day sounding of the Public Warning System. Over 75% of participants correctly identified the signal, an encouraging 15% more than last year.
23 Sep 2002As part of the Presidential tour of uniformed organisations and public institutions, His Excellency Mr SR Nathan, the President of Singapore, visited the SCDF at the Civil Defence Academy.
15 Dec 2002The SCDF conducted its first Open Mobilisation of its Operationally Ready CD National Servicemen. Responding to code words and symbols flashed and announced over the main broadcast media, over 99% of the activated CD NSMen reported back to their operational base promptly.

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