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08 Feb 1999Ground Breaking Ceremony for the new HQ SCDF Complex.
22 Mar 1999To further improve response time, all SCDF emergency vehicles were equipped with hand-held video cameras to visually record the particulars of obstructing vehicles.
26 Mar 1999To commemorate the Official Opening of the Civil Defence Academy (CDA), 21.2 km of fire hoses were laid end to end by 15 fire fighters from the old CD school at Nee Soon to CDA in a world record time of 3 hours, 55 minutes and 52 seconds.
15 Apr 1999SCDF fire bikes are now deployed at fire stations and selected neighbourhood police posts to further improve response times.
01 June 1999The heli-bucket system (a water dispenser that can be attached to a helicopter) was acquired by SCDF to fight fires in areas inaccessible by vehicles such as nature reserves.
17 June 1999A major factory fire at Woodlands Industrial Park saw fire fighters battling exploding drums of solvents.
05 Jul 1999Fire fighters fought a fire at the Eunos Crescent Market that saw 158 stalls destroyed.
23 Aug 1999By responding quickly to a fire at the Singapore History Museum , SCDF fire fighters helped saved a historical jewellery collection.
06 Oct 1999SCDF fire fighters fought to control and contain a fire that engulfed three freezer rooms of a factory at Pandan Loop. Fire fighting operations lasted over 24 hours due to the complexities of the operations.
11 - 23 Oct 1999Rescue officers from Australia , Thailand and Brunei were given the opportunity to train in specialised facilities at CDA in the 1st International Urban Search and Rescue Course.
15 Dec 1999SCDF Overseas Medal Presentation Ceremony for Members of the SCDF Overseas Rescue Contingent (Taiwan Earthquake).

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Last updated on 20th Nov 2017