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For the general public, you can find out more on the corporate culture of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), and get a glimpse of significant events that have marked the establishment of the Force today as a professional body providing emergency services to the population during peacetime and emergency.


Learn more on how the SCDF has been involved in search and rescue operations in local and overseas incidents and also how innovation has improved the capabilities of the SCDF. Find out what are the upcoming events in store and read up on media reports and statistics of our operations. Get useful pointers on when to use the emergency ambulance service and answers to commonly asked questions. You can also watch some of the videos that we have in store.


A range of e-services are available online such as to make payment, apply for courses in SCDF's training centres and apply for reports. You can also search for SCDF facilities and bomb shelters around your area.


Downloadable forms are available as well to apply for SCDF services and to view the fees schedule. You can also download publications such as our annual report, and handbooks.

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Last updated on 2nd Oct 2017