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Community & Volunteers

Mobile Application

mySCDF is a mobile application providing members of public with these features:


 Fire Safety Feedback Module

Spot any fire safety violations or fire hazards? Submit your feedback to SCDF via the Fire Safety Feedback module. With every feedback submission, you are able to:


  • Capture up to 5 pictures
  • Drop pin on a location on a map
  • Choose either Fire Hazards or Fire Safety Violation category
  • Write a brief description of the violation

 ORNSmen mServices

This is a one stop-stop mobile website which provides services and information to our ORNSmen with a suite of NS-related online services:


  • Exit Permit
  • IPPT Booking
  • My NS Booklet
  • Overseas Notification

Please visit for full website mode.

 Fire Extinguisher Module

What should you do when a fire breaks out? Do you know how to operate a fire extinguisher so as to help out the fire? Launch the pictorial guide developed by SCDF to find out more on how to operate a fire extinguisher.


 CPR,   AED  Choking modules

Learn important life-saving skills such as how to perform CPR, Chest thrusts or the Heimlich Manoeuvre on someone who's choking and use the AED Machine on the go. Each of the modules come with a step-by-step pictorial and video guide for easy access. You can also launch and download SCDF's Emergency Handbook to equip yourself with more life-saving skills.


  SCDF Publications

Want to find out more about SCDF's latest happenings and initiatives? You can now access the SCDF Annual Report and the latest issue of our bi-monthly publication- Rescue 995 via  mySCDF.


[mySCDF is available on both IOS and Android]

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Last updated on 22nd Nov 2017