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Learning Journeys

In this programme, spearheaded by Ministry of Education (MOE), educational visits for primary/secondary/JC students are organised to visit national institutions and public installations, which are considered to be important markers of our nation's progress.


Learning Journeys aim to instil in our students, pride in Singapore's achievements, to help them understand our country's limitations, build their confidence in building a better future for Singapore and nurture a sense of belonging to our country.

Learning Journey

All students are welcome to visit the 14 fire stations and the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery.


The visits to the fire stations are designed to promote the students' awareness of the many different roles of SCDF. More importantly, students will understand that a sophisticated Civil Defence system, manned by personnel on round-the-clock standby, has been set up to cater for any emergency. It is one aspect of Singapore the students are unlikely to know, and the visit will help to engender pride in the nation.


The visit to the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery located at the Central Fire Station will enable the students to learn about Singapore Civil Defence Force's (SCDF) history as well as increase their awareness of Civil Defence. There are interactive stations which invite the students to experience what firefighters and rescuers undergo in an operation. The gallery’s public education corner will provide you and your family with the necessary information on how to handle emergencies. Besides a rich history, SCDF in her modern days is also showcased at the gallery.


Teachers can log on to to book a visit to the fire station and/or the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery.

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Last updated on 25th Jan 2016