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Riding on the success of the CD Lionhearter Clubs at the post-secondary schools, SCDF, together with the Ministry of Education introduced the Junior CD Lionhearter Programme to primary schools in April 2013.


The Junior CD Lionhearter programme is uniquely positioned as an ambassadorial and “Student Leadership Centric” programme where upper primary level students with leadership qualities are selected to invoke and generate interest among their schoolmates, friends and families on the need to learn EP skills and to take ownership of their own level of emergency preparedness.


What are the roles of the CD Junior Lionhearters?

Serving as young Emergency Preparedness (EP) Ambassadors


Equipped with emergency preparedness skills and knowledge such as basic first-aid and fire safety, a Junior CD Lionhearter will serve as a young EP ambassador in generating interest among their schoolmates, friends and families on the importance of Emergency Preparedness and imparting EP skills and knowledge through dedicated platforms like Total Defence Day and school assembly talks.


Setting up of Emergency Preparedness (EP) Corners in schools


Under the supervision of their programme advisors, Junior CD Lionhearters will set up EP corners in their respective schools to share CD related news such as the work of good Samaritans who had attained the SCDF Public Spiritedness Award for saving lives and property, as well as to highlight fire safety advisories.


What Are The  Junior CD Lionhearters Trained In?

Hard Skills Training

The Junior CD Lionhearters will undergo a hard-skills training session to equip them with EP related skills and knowledge such as basic first aid, Ready Bag Concept and fire safety so as to cultivate their interest in emergency preparedness and enable them to discharge their ambassadorial roles effectively.






Soft Skills Training

SCDF and Singapore Discovery Centre have jointly developed a series of training tracks to impart an array of soft skills to the Junior CD Lionhearters. The training will cater to the different interests and needs of the Junior CD Lionhearters.



The Junior CD Lionhearters Badge



The badge is a symbolic representation of the Junior CD Lionhearter’s role in emergency preparedness to disseminate important Emergency Preparedness knowledge and skills to their peers, family and community. The Red Lion Head, adapted from the Singapore Lion Head symbolises courage, strength and resilience in the face of challenges.

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Last updated on 22nd Nov 2017