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Community & Volunteers

Industrial / Commercial Programmes

Civil defence related programmes have been created to specifically cater to the industrial and commercial sectors in Singapore. These programmes aim to promote fire safety prevention and emergency preparedness within commercial and industrial companies, especially those that handle hazardous materials.


Mutual-Aid Scheme

As an extension of the SCDF’s engagement of the community, members of the industrial and commercial community were also inducted into the Emergency Preparedness Programme. They were trained to deal with initial emergencies such as incipient fires and chemical incidents, evacuation, identification of hazards and recognition of suspicious items amongst others. They were also encouraged to pool their resources and expertise to complement that of the SCDF.


These efforts are exemplified through the various industrial/commercial CSSPs such as the Jurong Island CSSP, which sectorise the island into various clusters to facilitate the sharing of resources and expertise in tackling chemical incidents. Likewise the CSSP for the Singapore Timber Merchants Association of Sungei Kadut also pools the fire resources of the companies of that area in preventing fire occurrences and the conduct of self-auditing of fire safety.


Safety & Security Watch Group

The Safety and Security Watch Group (SSWG) scheme aims to encourage the participation of the business community in emergency situations so that any losses to property and lives can be reduced to the minimum. Staff and workers are trained to manage the incipient stage of an emergency situation (e.g. fire) before the arrival of the emergency responders. Please click here for more information on the scheme.


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Last updated on 25th Jan 2016