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Community & Volunteers

CD Emergency Handbook

The Civil Defence Emergency Handbook is one of the primary means through which the SCDF reaches out to all segments of the population.


The latest 2016 edition contains updated information as well as new topics such as what to do in the event of gas leaks, when encountering unruly crowd, when you are caught in a fire in super high-rise residential buildings as well as tips to prevent a vehicle fire.


There is also a section on how the public can play an important role as Community First Responders by equipping themselves with key lifesaving skills namely CPR and AED procedures, basic first aid and basic firefighting techniques through fire extinguishers and hose reels.


The Malay, Chinese and Tamil version of the handbook will be available for download by June 2016.


The softcopy of the 2016 Edition are also available for download here.

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Last updated on 22nd Nov 2017