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CD NSmen & NSF

Medical Treatment Service

During office hours, if a NSF is ill or injured, he should consult the SCDF Medical Officer (MO). The medical treatment at the Medical Centres will be fully subsidised.


If a NSF falls sick or is injured after office hours (while in the Training Camp), he will inform his officer-in-charge, who will refer him to the Medic on duty to get immediate medical attention.

Medical Subsidies

If the NSF falls sick or injured outside SCDF units after office hour, he may obtain the medical treatment in any government / restructured hospital, government clinic or outpatient dispensary. Selected medical charges for such cases will be subsidised. Such medical benefits are also extended to the dependants of the NSF. Below are the general guidelines for the medical benefits:

Outpatient CareEntitlement

Outpatient Dispensary

Full subsidy

Specialist Outpatient Clinic at Government Hospital

Full subsidy except for the first consultation fee

Private clinics

Maximum reimbursement of $10/- per day, subject to a maximum of $240/- per year

Outpatient Dental

50% reimbursement up to a maximum of $70 per year

In-patient CareEntitlement

Ward and meal fees

Subsidy of 80% for servicemen and 50% for dependants

Treatment fees

Full subsidy


Class B1 or B2 (OCT & LTA)
Class B2 (CPL & above)
Class C (PTE and LCP)

Should a NSF sustain any injuries during the course of duties; the medical expenses/sustenance will be determined and compensated.

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Last updated on 20th Nov 2017